Stretching the body, the mind and soul

Finally we are heading towards the season of long summer days, blue skies, sunburns and swims at the beach. The temperature has well and truely warmed up, people are coming out of hibernation, shedding the layers of long pants and sweaters and there is a general buzz of happiness and good energy as we all move away from long winter days. 

It is an excellent time for stiff, tired bodies to begin shifting stagnant energy, to stretch after months of inaction and a little extra time spent on the couch watching netflix.  It is also a perfect time to start creating more limber and toned muscles as we begin to hit the beach and take part in outdoor activities

For many, it is simply a welcoming time for a bit of mental clarity. 

Pilates offers not just toned and stretched out physiques, but it also allows us to connect our minds to our bodies, making us feel better emotionally for connecting into our physical selves and showing it some love (and maybe a little work).

Through flow and movement we can transition into another great summer being the best version of ourselves! So with that saying, our door is open…..Lets get moving!

Amanda Sutherland