“Change happens through movement, and movement heals” - Joseph Pilates



Who is Pilates for?

The pilates method is a form of exercise that benefits people of all ages, body types and levels of fitness. From sportsmen/women to corporates with highly stressful careers and office workers who sit all day to busy parents or pregnant or post natal women, retirees, people recovering from recent or old injuries or anyone who is looking to improve their level of fitness. Lessons are tailor made to each individual depending on their unique requirements. Come and try it for yourself!


Private one-on-one

With private one on one instruction, Amanda works directly with each client giving them a tailor made lesson directed by what their body requires. Lessons are conducted using Gratz equipment, the original manufacturer of the pilates apparatus. In your lesson you will work with Amanda to gain strength, control, alignment and balance. The starter pack is a great option for anyone wanting to get a good feel and understanding of the exercises and principles of Pilates. All lessons are 55 minutes

Starter pack (new clients) - $300.00 for 5 sessions

Casual Session - $80.00

Bundle of five - $380.00 ($76.00 per lesson)

Bundle of ten - $700.00 ($70.00 per lesson)


Perfect for those wanting to come with a friend or partner to help inspire each other. Lessons are mostly mat based, using some of the apparatus. Careful consideration is taken to ensure that pairings are of a similar level so lessons flow, therefore each person needs to have had at least 5 private one-on-one lessons before a duet commences. Prices are per couple.

Casual session - $100.00 ($50.00 per person)

Bundle of ten - $800.00 ($40.00 per person, per lesson)



Mat class

A mat class is a fun and challenging way to keep up your practice. With a focus on flow, dynamic movement and strengthening exercises you will leave feeling invigorated and stretched. All participants must attend at least 5 private one-on-one sessions first. This is to ensure any specific individual requirements are addressed beforehand so they can join the class confidently and to an appropriate level. Level classes are Basic - Intermediate and Intermediate - Advanced. Maximum 5 people per class.

Casual mat class - $25.00 per person

Bundle of ten (10 consecutive weeks) - $200.00 per person


What does pilates do?

Pilates benefits reach far beyond those simply wishing to have more strength and vitality within their bodies.  Pilates develops core strength (known in pilates as ‘the powerhouse’), creates limber, healthy spines, corrects posture, lengthens, tones muscles and maintains health of joints. It improves balance, circulation, co-ordination and concentration. It corrects alignment in the body and creates an awareness of the breath. It can also help to prevent injury as well as aid in rehabilitation… But most importantly it’s fun!


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