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“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.” -- Joseph H. Pilates



The pilates method was developed by a man called Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Born to a prize-winning gymnast father and his mother a naturopath, Joseph Pilates suffered with rickets and asthma as a child. He dedicated his life to gaining a deep knowledge of anatomy and movement to strengthen himself and better his health, especially through his experience training as a gymnast, boxer, martial artist/self defence trainer, body builder and skier. At the mere age of 14 he was already posing for anatomical charts. The pilates method first came to form while he was interned at a camp during World War l. He started to train and develop his exercise regime for himself and other wounded soldiers for rehabilitation and to strengthen their physical and mental well-being during that time.

In the mid-1920’s Joseph emmigrated to New York where he met his wife Clara along the way. There, they opened their studio where they started teaching what was originally called ‘Contrology’.

They began receiving a strong following especially of performing artists and dancers. It was here that a young dancer by the name of Romana Kryzanowska was referred to the studio. Romana became a protégé of Joseph and Clara Pilates, taking over the manhattan studio after his passing and continuing the true teachings and philosophy of their method.

At House of Pilates, Amanda proudly teaches authentic pilates, trained under the Romana’s Pilates method by Level 1 Master Teacher Trainer Cynthia Lochard.

Continuing education is required on a regular basis to ensure a high level of education and knowledge is being maintained.